Fixing Grammar Problems with Google Search (Intermediate AutoHotkey Tip)

The GooglePhraseFix AutoHotkey Script Corrects Many Common Spelling and Grammar Errors While Demonstrating How to Download Information from the Web…Without Opening a Browser

As a novel and practical AutoHotkey script worth stealing, I highlighted the GooglePhaseFix script written by aaston86 in Chapter Nine of the free e-book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows. (It originally appeared in the old AutoHotkey forum.) However, I didn’t take the time in the book to point out the important AutoHotkey tricks used for quickly downloading data from Web pages for immediate use or display. The GooglePhaseFix script offers some unique tools for accessing Web sites and extracting useful information. Continue reading

Quick and Dirty Complex Text Replacement with Ryan’s RegEx Tester (AutoHotkey Tip)

While Not For Beginning AutoHotkey Script Writers, This Regular Expression (RegEx) Trick Executes Multiple Complex Text Replacements without Even Writing an AutoHotkey Script

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AutoHotkey StringSplit Command and ErrorLevel Tricks for Swapping Words (Beginning Hotkeys Part 10)

Techniques for Swapping Words Using the StringSplit AutoHotkey Command; ErrorLevel for Producing Alternative Results; a Glance at a Regular Expression (RegEx) for Swapping Words

In the last blog, we looked at a quick Hotkey for swapping mistyped letters in any Windows document or text editing field. Just place the text cursor between the two letters and hit ALT+R. The characters reverse positions. This time the technique is expanded and refined for swapping two words.

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Deleting Double Words with AutoHotkey Regular Expressions (RegEx)

When Too Many Identical Chapter Numbers Appear in the E-Book Index, It’s Time for Another AutoHotkey RegEx. Includes How to Use a Backreference!

The AutoHotkey Regular Expression from last time which converts ambiguous numbers to chapter names in an e-book index works well. When the first RegExReplace() function does its job, all of the link numbers are converted to the chapter names, as shown below. However, you can see the problem. Continue reading