Beginning Hotstring Tricks for Expanding Acronyms (AutoHotkey Tips)

Hotstring Techniques for Expanding Abbreviations Only When You Need Them, Plus How to Sound British…Sort Of

One benefit I’ve discovered when using my InstantHotstring.ahk script includes quickly checking the effects of the various Hotstring options. Without re-editing and reloading an AutoHotkey script, I can test the assorted options and see how they modify the behavior of each Hotstring. This helps me understand how to solve some Hotstring problems. Continue reading

Using GUI Checkbox Controls to Set Hotstring Options (AutoHotkey Technique)

AutoHotkey Hotstrings Use a String of Characters to Turn Options On and Off—GUI Checkbox Controls Offer a Visual Display for the Active Options along with a Method for Enabling/Disabling Each Feature

Previously (in “The Coming Instant Hotstring Script (AutoHotkey App)“), we reviewed the work still needed in the InstantHotstring.ahk script. This time we implement Hotstring options using the Hotstring() function.

Converting GUI (Graphical User Interface) Checkbox controls into Hotstring options codes (and back again) involves adept programming tricks. We use GUI windows and their controls to make applications user-friendly. People find it much easier to push discreet buttons and check separate boxes than work directly with often enigmatic programming codes. That means we must build a method for translating between the user-friendly input in a GUI window and the required code. Continue reading

AutoCorrect Anything in Windows with AutoHotkey

Commonly Misspelled Words Instantly Correct Themselves Right Before Your Eyes

I’ve been using AutoHotkey for a number of years, but one of the most satisfying apps that I use every day—whether writing an e-mail, working on this blog, or filling out Web forms—consists of an implementation of AutoHotkey AutoCorrect. Whenever I mistype the word “the” by entering “eht” or ” teh” it automatically changes to the correct form. “Mispelling” turns into “misspelling.” “They;re” converts to “they’re.” It’s great when I make a mistake and see it fixed right before my eyes. AutoCorrect offers one of the most powerful ways for the average person to use AutoHotkey and it’s so easy to do. Continue reading