New AutoHotkey Hotkey Automation Book Available at Amazon

As much as I don’t like feeding the Amazon collective, I had to publish the new AutoHotkey Hotkeys book on the Internet behemoth. I’ve never cared for the heavy handed way that Amazon treats independent authors. However, since they dominate the e-book market, it would be foolish for me to boycott the e-tail giant. Plus, I don’t want to make it more difficult for those people who love their Kindles. Continue reading

Marketing AutoHotkey

While AutoHotkey Experiences Excellent Acceptance and Growth, It Remains an Obscure Language for Many Windows Users. Free Software Usually Only Spreads by Word-of-Mouth.

Except within the clued-in user community, open source software generally suffers from a lack of marketing. After all, free software offers little incentive to run paid advertising. Programs such as AutoHotkey almost totally depend upon user referrals for growth. While the dedicated AutoHotkey community offers tremendous support to users through online documentation, dedicated sites, and specialized forums, as individuals personally recommend automating with AutoHotkey, the word spreads one Windows user as a time. Continue reading