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A Series of Blogs about Using AutoHotkey in Various Occupations

Windows Programming Made Easy (Why AutoHotkey?) August 26, 2016

Never Programmed Before? You’ll Find No Better Language for Learning Than AutoHotkey!

Why AutoHotkey for Writers, Bloggers, and Editors? December 8, 2016

If you write or edit for a living (or fun) and use a Windows computer (most people do), then you should use the free AutoHotkey software.

Why AutoHotkey for Artists and Graphic Designers? January 3, 2017

While using AutoHotkey with Windows makes sense for most professions, it’s not so obvious for artists and graphic designers.

Why AutoHotkey for Engineers and Scientists? January 9, 2017

While writing AutoHotkey scripts should be no problem for most engineers and scientist, many might be surprised by how much the free language offers in Windows tools.

Why AutoHotkey for Poets? January 16, 2017

Erstwhile multifarious poets optated for quill and parchment. Forthwith, AutoHotkey propounds the furtherance of lyrical ruminations on Windows computers.

Why AutoHotkey for Students? February 1, 2017

Ten reasons why every student should use the free AutoHotkey Windows tools! AutoHotkey helps you so much academically that you’ll think you’re cheating! Plus, it’s delicious brain food and helps get you a job!

Why AutoHotkey for Grandparents? February 17, 2017

Remember All Your Grand Kid’s Birthdays and Their Ages! There’s No Limit to the Number of Ways You Can Amuse Your Grandchildren with AutoHotkey, Plus It Gives Your Brain a Much Needed Workout!

Why AutoHotkey for Chefs and Dieticians? February 27, 2017

cheeseburgerwhiteiconWhile You Don’t Often See Television Chefs Using Computers, AutoHotkey Offers Guidance When Cooking “Jack Stuffed Cheeseburgers” at Home.

Why AutoHotkey for Teachers and Educators? March 16, 2017

If You and Your Students Have Access to Windows Computers, Then You’re Set! If Not, Well…

donotfeedtroll-svgWhy AutoHotkey for Internet Trolls? If You Plan on Being One of the Most Annoying People on the Web, Why Not Make It Easy on Yourself?