A Motley Assortment of AutoHotkey Tips and Tricks

A (Partial) List of Jack’s Miscellaneous AutoHotkey Tips and Tricks

Note: While this page includes many blogs which now appear in the book Jack’s Motley Assortment of AutoHotkey Tips, only the book includes a complete list as of the day of publication—plus many other AutoHotkey tricks no longer available on the Web.

I realized that within a couple of weeks of posting, many of my AutoHotkey tips may fade into obscurity. Unless you know exactly where to look in this blog, you may not know that some of these tidbits even exist. I started compiling this list to make it a little easier to peruse the various topics and decide which might be of interest to you.

A Multitude of AutoHotkey Tips and Tricks

This collection only includes some of those AutoHotkey techniques discussed in Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog (and for the most part they don’t appear in other “AutoHotkey Topics and Series” compilations on this site). Many other tips disappeared from the Web when I took down the main ComputorEdge Magazine site. (I didn’t want to do it, but circumstances forced the change.) You can find many of those other techniques in the AutoHotkey books available at ComputorEdge E-Books and even more no-longer-published tips in the new book A Motley Assortment of AutoHotkey Tips. (The major advantage to using the e-books lies in their organization and searchable indexes.)

You might find some of these AutoHotkey pointers surprising while others serve to clarify how specific techniques work:

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Like anybody else, I have expenses and a need to make ends meet. As “Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog” increases in popularity, coding the test scripts and writing the blogs takes up more of my time. That means I’ve less time to pursue other income-earning opportunities. I don’t plan to ever move “Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog” behind a paywall, but if you think my efforts are worth a bit of your hard-earned cash, then you can offer a token of your appreciation by purchasing some of my AutoHotkey books. You may not need the references yourself, but you might know someone who can benefit from one or two of them.

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