AutoHotkey Library Membership Upgrade Discount and/or Download Increase Request Form

Library Benefits

If you previously purchased any ComputorEdge AutoHotkey E-Books and would like to apply the value of those purchases toward an additional discount on the AutoHotkey Mega Bundle or would like to add the e-book Jack’s Motley Assortment of AutoHotkey Tips to any previously purchased AutoHotkey E-Book Library Bundle (the Mega Bundle already includes Jack’s Motley Tips book), then fill out this form with the requested information and we will generate and send you a qualifying discount coupon to apply to the purchase at checkout. (If you’ve made multiple purchases, please include all of them.)

Can’t remember what you purchased when or which e-mail address you used? Give us your name and current e-mail and any possible old e-mail address used and we will see what we can dig up.


If you purchased one of the ComputorEdge E-Books AutoHotkey Libraries or a particular book at the ComputorEdge E-Books site and need additional downloads to obtain the latest edition(s), then fill in the form below with your name, e-mail address, and invoice number. We will increase the number of downloads available at your original download link. (If you’ve lost your invoice e-mail, then we’ll look it up with your name and e-mail address.)

Please allow time for us to update your account with the new downloads. We will contact you by e-mail after making the change to your account and send you the download e-mail with links.