Finding AutoHotkey Answers

Sometimes Finding the Right Answer to an AutoHotkey Problem Depends Upon Where and How You Look for It—Plus, a Free Reference Guide for Jack’s Books

When working on my blogs, I often encounter AutoHotkey problems requiring new approaches. I always wonder if someone else has already created a solution. I usually start with a Web search which includes a short description of the desired result and, of course, the word “AutoHotkey.” It surprises me how often this simple approach takes me directly to the right place—commonly a post in either the current or archived AutoHotkey Forum. I use that method for new techniques but when I need to refresh myself on topics I’ve previously discussed, I go to either my blog or one of my books.

AutoHotkey AutoHotkey Library Deal!

Searching my blog only requires entering keywords in the box in the upper right-hand corner. However, finding information in one of my eight primary books presents a more complex problem. I’ve written so much on so many topics that even I can’t remember where to find everything. That’s why I added the “Table of Contents” and “Index” from each book to the freebie book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows. When refreshing my memory about various techniques found in my books, I regularly consult this book.

After loading the current edition (sixth) of AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows, I can use the search capability available in virtually all e-book readers to find any mention of my target AutoHotkey solution. Sometimes I look for the AutoHotkey command. Other times I use keywords related to the technique (e.g. “Standard Clipboard Routine”). Usually, the pointer jumps directly to either the “Table of Contents” or “Index” for a particular book. If I continue the search, I may get additional references in my other books. This tells me where to start.

You can readily find the tricks mentioned in AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows at numerous sources. They present many of the most common uses for AutoHotkey. Yet for me, the greatest value for the book lies in the reference material in the back which helps me locate information in my other books.

Maybe with the exception of the beginning books, I don’t think that most people read my volumes from cover to cover. A person may scan the text for new ideas and insights but unless a discussion appears relevant to a reader’s current AutoHotkey problem, I think it’s rare that anyone would study all eight books in a serial fashion. More likely, people go to those sections most applicable to their needs. I regard my books as a reference library for techniques, insights, and nuances, not an all-encompassing tutorial.

While my books do address a few advanced AutoHotkey techniques, they primarily offer beginning-to-intermediate solutions. For the more complex topics, I would refer people to the AutoHotkey Scripts and Functions Forum. I’ve found thousands of the most creative scripts posted on that board. (When I find something particularly useful, I blog about it.) I don’t always understand how they work, but I often find that I can implement them right out of the box. You don’t always need to understand how everything in a script operates as long as you know how to use it.

If you don’t possess the latest Sixth Edition of AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows, you can directly download the PDF version free from this link. (For EPUB and MOBI formats visit “AutoHotkey Tricks” for free downloads.) If you don’t own any of my books, in addition to the useful tips found in the book, reviewing the “Table of Contents” and “Index” from the eight additional books will help you understand what’s in each before buying.

AutoHotkey E-Book Library Bundles

To make it easier for people to obtain all of my reference books (at a much lower price), I put together AutoHotkey Library Bundles. Newbies can get started with single beginning books and later upgrade to a bundle—receiving full credit for previous AutoHotkey book purchases. (See ComputorEdge AutoHotkey Library Memberships.)

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