Old ComputorEdge E-Books Customers Get New AutoHotkey Book Bundle Discounts

Have You Ever Purchased Any AutoHotkey E-Books at ComputorEdge E-Books?

You Can Recycle Those Same Dollars When
Upgrading to the AutoHotkey Mega Library Bundle!

Any dollars you previously spent on AutoHotkey books at ComputorEdge E-Books qualify as discounts toward the current complete AutoHotkey Mega Bundle. Whether you purchased only one AutoHotkey book four years ago or last year’s seven-book bundle, you can get a dollar-for-dollar reduction on the price of the entire nine-book AutoHotkey Mega Bundle—all books, all e-book formats.

Library Benefits

To get the discount, use the contact form at Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog and include your ComputorEdge E-books invoice number, name, or the original e-mail address. (I can look up your order from your e-mail address.) I will locate your past purchase(s) and calculate your qualifying discount on the current AutoHotkey Library Mega Bundle. Then, I create a special coupon code and send it to you along with the discount amount via e-mail. Apply the discount during Checkout when purchasing a new AutoHotkey Library — which includes new download links for every book in each format. It’s that simple!

Do I Qualify for a Discount?

Virtually everyone who in the past bought any AutoHotkey book at our site qualifies for the discount. As long as you made the purchase at ComputorEdge E-Books, I can find your invoice and create a money-off coupon code just for you. The following represent three scenarios designed to show how you might qualify for a brand-new bundle:

1. Purchased the Original AutoHotkey Mega Bundle Last Year

Buyers who purchased the AutoHotkey Mega Bundle last year get the new bundle (which includes two additional books) for only $5. After verifying one particular original purchase for $29.95, I generated a special coupon for the reader offering a discount of $29.95 on the new bundle. The reader added the new bundle to the Shopping Cart, then, during Checkout, applied the special coupon code—reducing the price to $5.

2. Previously Purchased a Couple of AutoHotkey Books

A few years ago (Feb 28, 2015), before any AutoHotkey bundle existed, a reader purchased the Beginner’s Guide for $3.99, Digging Deeper into AutoHotkey for $6.99, and AutoHotkey Applications for $9.99. After recently inquiring about AutoHotkey Library Membership, the reader received a discount of $20.97 on a new Mega Bundle paying only  $13.98. The reader not only received the new books but refreshed download links for the updated versions of previously owned books.

Note: Since ComputorEdge E-Books discounts the price of the AutoHotkey bundles so heavily, it’s conceivable that someone could have paid more in the past than the cost of the Mega Bundle. Although we cannot refund any overage, in those cases, we can offer the new bundle at a price of $1 (the minimum charge to cover the fees for the credit card or PayPal processing).

3. Purchased the Beginner’s AutoHotkey Book Bundle

If you started with the Beginner’s or Intermediate User’s bundle and would like to upgrade to the Mega Bundle, then apply for a discount based on the price of your first bundle. To get the discount, just use the contact form at Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog and include your ComputorEdge E-books invoice number, name, or the original e-mail address.

Contact Jack:

For any other question or want to find out the amount of your discount and get your coupon code, e-mail me through the Contact Form at Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog and include your ComputorEdge E-books invoice number, name, or the original e-mail address. I’ll research your purchases and respond as soon as possible. (Occasionally, it might take a little time to process your request. I might be out at the beach or mountain climbing.)


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