Recent AutoHotkey Online Documentation Display Problem

You May Need to Clear Your Browser Cache to Resolve the Issue

Over the past few days, I experienced a problem with the AutoHotkey Online Documentation pages not displaying properly. The pages appeared corrupted. I suspected a problem with the server which would quickly get corrected.

According to the forum, steps were taken to resolve the problem, but it didn’t fix my issue. Apparently, you need to clear your browser cache to get the documentation to display properly again.

Clear Items
In Google Chrome: Settings ⇒ Advanced ⇒ Clear Browsing Data.

Open your browser settings and find the utility for clearing browser data. Clearing the “Cached images and files” should suffice.

It worked for me. Some people suggested clearing the Cookies, but that didn’t seem to be necessary.

If you’re having a problem with the documentation, then give this a try.

You may not have seen this issue if you haven’t recently accessed the AutoHotkey Online Documentation. I probably spend more time with it than the average AutoHotkey user.


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