Jack’s AutoHotkey E-Book Library


If You Seek a Wealth of Information about AutoHotkey and How It Works, You Can’t Go Wrong with Jack’s AutoHotkey E-Book Library. See the Benefits! Plus, Coming Soon!—More on the Future AutoHotkey Version 2.0 Release

“They threw me out of the library for processing too loud.”

I currently maintain a number of irons in the fire—all AutoHotkey. With three books in the works (two new and one major rewrite), plus regular blogging about AutoHotkey on this site, I find no shortage of things to do. Right now, you’ll find nine AutoHotkey books available at the ComputorEdge E-Books site on topics ranging from an introductory level Beginner’s Guide to a little more complex AutoHotkey Windows scripting, such as, AutoHotkey Applications and Using Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey. By years end, that number should reach eleven books—hopefully. While continuing with the new books, I’ve shifted part of my focus to updating the older books by adding examples of the new AutoHotkey Version 2.0. I plan to increase the versatility of the library regardless of whether readers ultimately decide to upgrade to V2.0 or stick with the current reliable V1.1. If you own one of the AutoHotkey Library Bundles, then you can get these new rewrites with V2.0 examples absolutely free. 

I’ve put my books into library bundles at a heavily reduced price which many people find attractive—making them the favorite purchase at ComputorEdge E-Books. When people buy the complete bundle, they don’t need to know which book to start with or decide which format works best for them (EPUB for most eReaders and any computer, MOBI for loading onto Amazon Kindles, and PDF for either printing on regular size notebook paper or reading on almost any electronic device or computer—although smartphones and eReaders can prove a little awkward for reading PDFs). In the bundle, readers get every format available for each book. But, it dawned on me that many people don’t realize the other benefits that automatically come with purchasing a complete library.

ComputorEdge AutoHotkey Library Benefits

It took me a while to realize the while many people have taken an interest in ComputorEdge AutoHotkey E-Books, the site does not do a good job of explaining the positive side of purchasing directly from me. Unlike Amazon, I take a personal interest in my readers and their AutoHotkey problems. I want to make the buying process as easy as possible while offering the most benefits. That’s why beyond the reduced price I give library owners, ComputorEdge E-Books offers the following benefits:

  • Free Updates and New Editions
  • Lifetime Downloads and Updates
  • Discounts on New Books
  • Free Major Rewrites for the Upcoming AutoHotkey Version 2.0
  • Exclusive Books Not Available Elsewhere
  • No Digital Copy Protection
  • Reader Support

Free Updates and New Editions

When you make a purchase of a ComputorEdge AutoHotkey Library Bundle, you’re automatically signed up as a Lifetime Member of that library. You will never need to pay for the books included in that bundle ever again—regardless of how many new editions or updates occur—even if the price goes up for newer editions or rewrites. You get them all. The only time you might need to make a new purchase is when a totally new book gets published. (Even then, as an AutoHotkey Library Member, you can add the book to your collection at a reduced price not available anywhere else—including Amazon.)

Lifetime Downloads and Updates

Each AutoHotkey Library Member initially gets two downloads for each book and format—that’s currently a total of 54 downloads for the Mega Bundle. The second download acts as a contingency in case you run into a problem with your first download. Some people occasionally encounter difficulties downloading to mobile devices or browsers with an inappropriate setup. Even if readers use up all the initial downloads, they can get more by merely contacting me. I personally help them work through any difficulties and add more downloads to the account. I only need to know their name, invoice number, or e-mail address.

I confess that ComputorEdge E-Books staff consists of only one person—me. I do it all, so when you make contact, you communicate directly with me. For that reason, you may face a slight delay in my response (sometimes, in the middle of the night, I’m actually asleep). But, I assure you that I will take care of any issue as soon as I know of it. Sometimes, I fix things from my smartphone—even when on the road.

Discounts on New Books

With new books on the horizon (currently two), I want to make sure that Library Members get the same advantage for a new book as when they made their original bundle purchase. For that reason, rather than paying full price, they are eligible for a discount on any new book added to the bundle they purchased.

For example, one of the works in progress includes a plethora of uncategorized AutoHotkey tips—including unpublished material no longer available on the Web. I’m thinking of calling it Jack’s Motley Assortment of AutoHotkey Tips—my biggest book yet. In fact, it’s so huge that I can’t even offer it on Amazon.

After adding a new book to an AutoHotkey Library Bundle, the price of that package increases slightly—reflecting a change much less than the full retail value of the book. A Library Member need only pay the difference between the original heavily discounted bundle and the new bundle to get the new book.

To get the discount for the new book, the Library Member orders the book (the three-format group), adding a comment to the order stating their previous ownership of a Library and the invoice number (or e-mail address). I then reduce the price of the new purchase before capturing the credit card payment by the difference between the price of the old bundle cost and the new bundle. For PayPal transactions, I can refund the difference at any time after the order. I do attempt to identify orders from Library Members, but a comment stating Library ownership accompanying the new order makes identifying them much easier.

Free Major Rewrites for the Upcoming AutoHotkey Version 2.0

I find myself in a quandary. I see AutoHotkey version 2.0 on the horizon and have no idea how it will impact the current version of AutoHotkey. I don’t know when it might arrive nor how many people will accept it. Users won’t find the conversion from V1.1 to V2.0 merely a matter of upgrading. Almost all AutoHotkey script will need rewriting.

I could keep my head in the sand and continue addressing only V1.1—which, as a Windows utility, works great. Or, I can start preparing myself for the change—which may or may not ever come. (I’ve done enough testing of the alpha version of AutoHotkey V2.0 to say that it’s pretty, pretty good. At least, I haven’t run into any significant problems—yet.) I have no idea when the powers-that-be might release a beta version of 2.0—much less a major release to the AutoHotkey community. I’ve decided to take the latter route of forging ahead as if the future of V2.0 is a fait accompli.

I’m in the middle of a total rewrite my Beginner’s Guide to AutoHotkey. In the process, I’m adding tons of V2.0 examples which parallel the V1.1 examples. I don’t advocate moving to V2.0 right now, but owners of this book will hold a major advantage when (and if) they decide to make the transition. Even more advanced AutoHotkey users may find this new rewrite of the Beginner’s Guide helpful for understanding how V2.0 changes AutoHotkey.

This book represents a totally new writing of the original Beginner’s Guide (not a new edition)—completely replacing it. That means anyone who purchased the book on Amazon (or elsewhere) will need to pony up again for the new book. Not so for anyone who purchased the book at ComputorEdge E-Books.

At ComputorEdge E-Books, the new Beginner’s Guide will become the replacement download from the original link which buyers received when they first purchased the book. Once I publish the new rewritten Beginner’s Guide (hopefully, sometime in the next month), all you need to do is download it again. If you purchased the book at Amazon (or elsewhere), you’ll need to purchase the new book.

“What if I’ve used up all my downloads?” No problem! Just use the contact form either here at Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog or at ComputorEdge E-Books and include your invoice number, name, or the original e-mail address (I can look up your Library purchase from your e-mail address). I’ll personally increase your number of downloads. In fact, as an AutoHotkey Library Member, I will be happy to address any other issues or question you have.

While addressing AutoHotkey V2.0, I plan to rewrite virtually all the books in today’s AutoHotkey Library. It will take me quite a while to get through them all, but as I do, Library Members will qualify to get all those new books as they come out—no matter how long it takes—totally free.

Books Not Available Elsewhere

Most people probably haven’t noticed, but you can only get the book AutoHotkey Applications at the ComputorEdge E-Books site. I would make it available on Amazon except the arbitrary pricing Amazon imposes on independent authors, plus the unreasonable download fee charged to independent publishers makes it impractical to use Amazon for larger, more comprehensive books—especially those loaded with graphics—such as the numerous GUI images in AutoHotkey Applications.

The same reasoning applies to my forthcoming book with a motley assortment of AutoHotkey tips—including numerous techniques not currently found on any of my Web sites. In its current rough form, the book already outstrips the size of any of my other books—including AutoHotkey Applications. It will only grow as I include many new V2.0 examples. Therefore, I can only make it available exclusively at ComputorEdge E-Books. The expanded AutoHotkey Library will certainly include the new book at a discounted price for Library Members.

No Digital Copy Protection

Perhaps I lose a lot of sales because I don’t apply digital copy protection to my e-books. Once someone downloads a book, he or she can freely move it to any other device or computer by merely copying it or even e-mailing it to the other reading apparatus. I could easily add encoding to better control book distribution, but I operate under the theory that people who pirate digital products would never pay for them in the first place. Why make it a hassle for the reasonable people who understand offering value for value? I want my readers to read my books on any of their devices whenever and wherever they like. Therefore, I add no copy protection to any of the books. I depend upon my readers’ sense of fair play.

If someone happens upon a copy of one of my books floating around in cyberspace and accidentally derives useful information from it, I would hope that he or she would take the time to purchase their own copy—ideally from ComputorEdge E-Books. However, if the book doesn’t assist in the person’s AutoHotkey endeavors, then I don’t expect any form of remuneration. After all, I should only get paid when I actually deliver value.

Reader Support

All you have to do is ask. If you have a problem with ComputorEdge E-Books site, any purchase, the content of any book, or just want a little guidance, please feel free to contact me. I may not have an answer to some of your questions, but I’ll make every attempt to point you in the right direction.

For example, I recently received an inquiry from a Library Member who had experienced a hard drive crash losing all of his copies of my AutoHotkey books. In fact, he couldn’t even remember which e-mail address he had used. I was able to look up his order, add more downloads, and resend the download e-mail restoring all of his books with the latest versions.

ComputorEdge AutoHotkey Library Benefits

With so many AutoHotkey books available at ComputorEdge E-Books, I can understand any confusion encountered by new visitors. Just going to the site does not explain the positive side of purchasing directly from me. I want to make the buying process as easy as possible while offering the most benefits. That’s why in addition to special pricing, I give Library Members:

  • Free Updates, New Editions
  • Free Major Rewrites for Version 2.0
  • Lifetime Downloads and Updates
  • Discounts on New Books
  • Books Not Available Elsewhere
  • No Digital Copy Protection
  • Reader Support

Whether just starting your AutoHotkey journey or merely looking for an AutoHotkey reference collection, you’ll find a ComputorEdge AutoHotkey Library something worth having on you e-book shelf. Plus, it grows as you grow.


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