Working on a New AutoHotkey Book

Compiling Material for My Biggest Book Yet!

I’ve started bringing together the parts for my next AutoHotkey book. I have over thirty AutoHotkey tips in the form of previous (no longer published) articles I wrote for the old ComputorEdge Magazine and another thirty, or so, I thought there would be pie!I’ve written since that time on various topics without a specific theme. As I organize the chapters, I see various motifs running through them. I plan to include numerous recent insights as I rewrite and edit each piece.

None of the above repeats work previously published as chapters in my other books. However,  I’m also considering including, with proper emphasis, my most important AutoHotkey epiphanies and “best practices” which do appear in the other books. This new, heavier e-book should be a good reference for almost anyone.

It could take a couple of months to get it out and this blog might not emerge quite as regularly (unless I get incited).

It looks like this book will be too large for Amazon. It won’t fit on their bookshelf. It doesn’t quite squeeze into the constraints that the powers-that-be at Amazon have set up for independent authors. That’s okay because, when completed, you’ll find it exclusively at ComputorEdge E-Books.

In the meantime, I’ve repurposed the site ComputorEdge Software Showcase for the best of AutoHotkey apps—at least what I consider the best. I plan to regularly add more AutoHotkey app reviews. If you have a favorite AutoHotkey script, please contact me with information and links:

If suitable, I’ll add it to the list.

If you like, you can also use the above form to get a personal notification by e-mail when the book becomes available. Of course, you can also follow “Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog” on (see upper right-hand corner), FaceBook, or Jack Dunning on Google+. I’ll announce when the I have the book out.

While working on this new tome, from time to time, I’ll publish a short blog (such as this one), thus confirming that I’m not dead…yet.


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