Making Jack’s AutoHotkey Tips Easier to Find

While WordPress Offers a Search Tool, Sometimes “A Motley Assortment of AutoHotkey Tips and Tricks” Page Works Better

Since my first blog in July of 2015, I’ve written over 80 articles—mostly about AutoHotkey. While many of them are part of a series listed under the “AutoHotkey Topics politicalrobotand Series” menu (in the top menu bar above), quite a few consist of random insights and techniques. Since these ideas don’t fit into a particular category, after a couple of months, the volume of new blogs I post on this site soon bury those insights.

I never know when inspiration will strike me. Usually, it’s when I’m looking for an alternative approach to a command or trying to solve a particular AutoHotkey problem. Sometimes, it takes a while for the importance of the technique to sink in, but once I experience the epiphany, I must write about it.

Sometimes I pen an AutoHotkey tip almost as an aside. Rather than adding the new technique to a “To Do” list of future blogs, I turn the concept or technique into my next piece. While this approach ensures that I enshrine the tip in WordPress, it later makes it appear randomly in the overall site…and more difficult to find. The AutoHotkey pointer may not fit into a specific category, yet its importance (or intrigue) motivates me to discuss it.

Prior to now, people visiting Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog for the first time had no way of knowing that these tips even existed. While the main page includes a search button, locating the hidden blogs remains difficult. Scrolling through the list of all the blogs (which grows every week) soon becomes unwieldy. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack when you don’t even know what the needle looks like.

The number one method people use to find specific information in this blog is through Google searches. But, that presupposes searching for the correct terms. I decided to add a page compiling those miscellaneous blogs into one mixed bag. That way, rather than conducting hit-or-miss searches, you can peruse the topics, then decide which to investigate.

As I write more tips which don’t fit into any particular series, I plan to add them to the page “A Motley Assortment of AutoHotkey Tips and Tricks.” I expect the compilation will continue to grow. You may want to return occasionally and check it out.

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