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Get Your AutoHotkey Questions Answered Live Via Webinars

Joe Glines (“Automating my world; 1 script @ a time!“) and Jackie Sztuk (“Helping you learn AutoHotkey“)  collaborate on a new live AutoHotkey webinar on September 20 at 4:00pm (EDT). Anyone who wants to learn more about AutoHotkey or ask these two AutoHotkey devotees specific questions should attend.


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People learn in many different ways. Reading the online AutoHotkey documentation works for some, but seeing another person do it live with the opportunity to ask questions makes understanding the nuances of AutoHotkey coding easier. The forums offer tremendous free advice, however, the continuous typing, time lag between comments, and the continual back and forth makes it a little tedious. Joe and Jackie offer an alternative.


The topics for this next webinar include using built-in functions, creating your own functions, and DLL calls. I consider these subjects at the intermediate to advanced level. (I certainly need to study more before I can properly wrap my brain around DDL calls.) These matters appear a little beyond the complete beginner, but only you can decide if they are right for you. Fortunately, they posted the last session on YouTube.

You can view videos from their first AutoHotkey webinar held August 30 on YouTube (hour one) and follow-up Q&A (hour two). While you can’t interact on YouTube, you get a sense for how the webinar runs and what they cover. While I haven’t yet watched the entire videos, the clips I viewed made me want to come back for more. They reviewed tools which need a closer look and discussed topics which spark my curiosity.

In the first session, it took a little time to work out the webinars kinks, but that only added to the relaxed, yet informative, spirit of the session. As they do more webinars (now planned monthly), they’ll find no shortage of AutoHotkey topics. Check it our for yourself.

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Grammar Checking Software

While considering possible partners, I perused the ShareASale affiliates who market software. I came upon Grammarly proofreader, a software system of programs and extensions which correct English grammar. The basic Grammarly Chrome extension comes free (Firefox and Safari versions also available). I’ve tested a number of browser extensions for grammar correction, but they all either fell short or seemed to cause other problems with my browser.

I loaded the free version and feel quite pleased with the results so for. Grammarly also offers a free desktop package for Windows and the Mac. You may like to take a look for yourself.



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