AutoHotkey and Linux

Why Isn’t There a Linux Version of AutoHotkey for Automating Computer Systems?

When someone likes something, they want it everywhere. Many AutoHotkey lovers question why the free Windows-base scripting language hasn’t invaded other operating systems. AutoHotkey works great for many Windows users and some want the same (or similar) capabilities in Linux. However, there are numerous reasons why an actively supported version of AutoHotkey does not exist outside Windows. Continue reading

Fixing Grammar Problems with Google Search (Intermediate AutoHotkey Tip)

The GooglePhraseFix AutoHotkey Script Corrects Many Common Spelling and Grammar Errors While Demonstrating How to Download Information from the Web…Without Opening a Browser

As a novel and practical AutoHotkey script worth stealing, I highlighted the GooglePhaseFix script written by aaston86 in Chapter Nine of the free e-book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows. (It originally appeared in the old AutoHotkey forum.) However, I didn’t take the time in the book to point out the important AutoHotkey tricks used for quickly downloading data from Web pages for immediate use or display. The GooglePhaseFix script offers some unique tools for accessing Web sites and extracting useful information. Continue reading

Free AutoHotkey Webinars

Get Your AutoHotkey Questions Answered Live Via Webinars

Joe Glines (“Automating my world; 1 script @ a time!“) and Jackie Sztuk (“Helping you learn AutoHotkey“)  collaborate on a new live AutoHotkey webinar on September 20 at 4:00pm (EDT). Anyone who wants to learn more about AutoHotkey or ask these two AutoHotkey devotees specific questions should attend. Continue reading

Marketing AutoHotkey

While AutoHotkey Experiences Excellent Acceptance and Growth, It Remains an Obscure Language for Many Windows Users. Free Software Usually Only Spreads by Word-of-Mouth.

Except within the clued-in user community, open source software generally suffers from a lack of marketing. After all, free software offers little incentive to run paid advertising. Programs such as AutoHotkey almost totally depend upon user referrals for growth. While the dedicated AutoHotkey community offers tremendous support to users through online documentation, dedicated sites, and specialized forums, as individuals personally recommend automating with AutoHotkey, the word spreads one Windows user as a time. Continue reading