The New Edition of the Free “AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought to Do with Windows” Book

The Amazon Experiment Ends with This Third Edition (June 20, 2019, Now Fifth Edition)—The E-Book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought to Do with Windows Free from Now On!

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Tips for Smoothing Out AutoHotkey Scripts with #If, Tooltip, and Quick Release Hotkeys (Beginning Hotkeys Part 19)

Enhancing the MousePrecise.ahk AutoHotkey Script with the #If Directive, the Tooltip Command, and a Quick Release Hotkey

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Quick and Dirty Complex Text Replacement with Ryan’s RegEx Tester (AutoHotkey Tip)

While Not For Beginning AutoHotkey Script Writers, This Regular Expression (RegEx) Trick Executes Multiple Complex Text Replacements without Even Writing an AutoHotkey Script

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AutoHotkey Solutions for Windows Clipboard Limitations (AutoHotkey Clipboard Tips)

Sometimes It’s Just Easier To Set Up a Temporary Hotkey for Inserting Text in Documents, Web Pages, or Forms, Plus a Quick Reminder of a Couple of Cool Clipboard-like AutoHotkey Apps (ClipJump and PhraseOMatic)

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Work on the ComputorEdge Free AutoHotkey Scripts Page

Time to Make It Easier for Everyone to Download the AutoHotkey Example Scripts

Dropbox reopened the ComputorEdge AutoHotkey download page, but the situation has forced me to reevaluate my approach to offering example scripts. (I know…it’s about time!) Whenever someone views either the Dropbox page or the new download site at, it must be a little confusing. While there is a page devoted to describing the various AHK files (“Free AutoHotkey Scripts and Apps for Learning Script Writing and Generating Ideas“), until now it did not offer direct downloads. That forced people to jump back and forth between the description page and the download page. Continue reading