AutoHotkey GroupAdd Command Reduces Script Code (Beginning Hotkeys Part 4)

AutoHotkey’s GroupAdd Command and Ahk_Group Create Multiple Context-Sensitive Hotkeys While Streamlining Code—Plus a Quick GroupAdd Script for Easy Window Handling!

Unlike AutoHotkey Hotstrings, there are numerous ways to manipulate Hotkeys—both while the script is loading (as in #Directives, discussed last time) or with various commands after the script is up and running. The most flexible of the interactive instructions is the Hotkey command which allows changes on the fly. The Hotkey command deserves much more attention (and will get it starting next time), but for now there are a couple more tricks demonstrating ways to make better use of the #IfWinActive directive in our example for blocking dangerous Windows shortcuts.

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AutoHotkey #Directives for Context-Sensitive Hotkeys—#IfWinActive (Beginning Hotkeys Part 3)

Clearing Up the Confusion about AutoHotkey’s IfWinActive Command Versus the #IfWinActive Directive

Using regular AutoHotkey commands versus AutoHotkey #Directives is a major source of confusion for novice script writers. I know this because when I first picked up AutoHotkey a number of years ago I encountered the same befuddlement. Some individual commands and #Directives are very similar in form and function (e.g. IfWinActive and #IfWinActive), yet how and when each can be used is very different.

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Basic Hotkeys: The Gateway to AutoHotkey Script Writing Addiction (Beginning Hotkeys Part 1)

With AutoHotkey, It’s So Simple to Add Hotkeys to Your Windows System That You May Not Be Able to Quit

How to Get Addicted to Programming

One of the features that distinguishes AutoHotkey is its simple implementation of Hotkeys. The creation of Hotkeys is so easy with AutoHotkey that anyone can quickly add them to their Windows computer. No programming knowledge or experience required! This is one of the reasons that AutoHotkey is becoming so popular. There are an unlimited number of tricks which anyone can immediately make a part of their everyday Windows computing.

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